Our impact on the service charge
Today, our equipment and technology is used to charge goods and services and more than 61 percent of the Chinese market, but also makes the past 10 years on a single charge each technological innovation leap in technology made possible - today we have services in mainland China has 277 commercial real estate and government enterprises and other companies, covering 1215 communities street. Serving more than 80 million users owners. Currently, Runly products have covered the real estate, agriculture, industry, transportation, communications, mining, defense, financial and physical networking and other industries, and has been widely used. Runly "honest and trustworthy, performance-oriented, customer first, thanked" as the core values, a complete industrial chain advantage by virtue Runly Group has, as well as the accumulation of nearly a decade of experience in trade and marketing channels, and strive to build the world\'s most competitive Runly power supply power equipment suppliers and service providers.